The Goods

You have a website. Check!

You need more customers. Check!

You know the mobile revolution is alive and well. Check!

... but you're thinking:
How do I keep up ...
Do I need to keep up?
Where and how does my business fit into this?

Technology-wise, things are moving quickly.

And, it's getting harder to stay relevant and competitive.

Maybe you feel the pinch yourself?
... bombarded with all sorts of claims and services... where do you turn?

The truth is: You don't need all the bells and whistles people are peddling online.

You need what works for you and that's it.

A web presence that captures all your potential customers who search on a mobile device for your services. The customers you are losing everyday.

The latest user research studies show that up to 80% of your potential clients and first time visitors will leave your site immediately if they have a subpar user experience. This statistic is even higher for those searching for your goods on a smartphone.

That's right: They will leave immediately.

We all do this. This is how we now search for information.

You need to have an exceptional mobile solution that delivers all the information your customers could possibly be looking for in order to maintain that competitive edge.

You need very clear calls to action, buttons so users can phone you right way and maps at their fingertips — finding their way to you needs to be easy.

Today, these are the primary reasons one company will be chosen over another. Don't make your customers think... at all. Otherwise, you are just helping your competitors.

That's where we step in.

Collectively, We Are.Mobile has 35 years of experience in the tech field. Our experience spans instructional design, user experience, information architecture, responsive web and iOS app development. Individually, our past clients include Sony, MGM, Teleflora, G2 Direct & Digital and many more.

We know how to solve problems and delivers solutions that are affordable, practical and up-to-date with the latest trends in technology.

Check out our 3 Levels of service. We can work with what you currently have or create something new and fresh. It's all up to you.

Feel free to contact us and request a consultation. It's free! We'd love to hear from you.


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The digital content industry has become a $57 billion machine spanning across digital games, apps and movies globally... App Annie, 2013 Report
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- Bronze -
"Convert the Old Into the New"

Our Bronze package is a basic starter kit where we will convert your existing website into a mobile app. Many websites today, can be converted and become mobile ready with a some programming and adjusting. Not all websites can be converted as there are web coding that will not work, but we will give you a FREE consultation to let you know how your website can become mobile ready and what it takes to make that happen!

- Silver -
"Give Me a New Web Solution"

Our Silver package is for those who need more than just a mobile solution but their web presence needs updating and a new design to fit the latest web technology. As with any of our packages, we will analyze your website and will give you a FREE consultation of what your website needs to become a mobile success!

- Gold -
"Let's Really Make It Happen"

Our Gold package is for those who want a custom solution that is more involved and will enable the company to gain momentum and become a better marketing tool for the company brand. Our experts will give you a thorough analysis and evaluate every aspect of your web solution to ensure that your next web presence is the best you have ever received.

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  • What Gloryvee and Ana ( have achieved with building up their app businesses and the speed with which they have achieved success, is simply epic and awe-inspiring. Their passion and dedication has proven to be a powerful force in creating such a successful business. Their business model has a solid foundation based on researched content that has surpassed the rankings and charts within this app world. They are true leaders in the mobile application industry.

    - Ilyse Soutine, Lab71 LLC
  • I am an independent mobile app developer and I have worked with for the past two years. Intelligent, knowledgeable and passionate about their work, is a consummate professional. Any problems encountered have always been met with solutions. The company is a “doer” and gets tasks completed in the most timely manner, while maintaining the highest quality. Armed with talent and a sense of humor, they have been a pleasure to work with. has been instrumental in my work and my business will not be where it is today without their unending dedication and support.

    - BD Designs, Prudence


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